While the number one question we get from people is, “What is my case worth?”, we’ve been getting a lot of calls and e-mails lately from people who are asking if they are entitled to a settlement all.

While we can be selective in the cases we take on, the reality is that almost every Illinois workers’ compensation case has some value.  While a settlement is designed to compensate you for the “permanent” nature of your injury (that is why it is called permanent partial disability), the truth is that many people get hurt and feel as good as new after they get medical care and in some cases they feel better.

For serious injury cases it’s hopefully obvious that you are entitled to something. How much will be based on your wages, your medical care, your job restrictions and how the injury still impacts you among other things.  Every case is different, but if you have a surgery and make above minimum wage you are likely entitled to something at the end of the case in the five or six figures.

Even for something small like a back strain where you went to physical therapy for a week, most insurance companies will give you $500-$1,000 to just wrap the case up.

To be clear, while an insurance company has to pay your medical bills and time off work, the don’t have to give you a settlement.  But if they don’t you can get one by filing for Arbitration.  If for some reason they won’t make a voluntary settlement offer (I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a case where that doesn’t happen) then the Arbitrator would award you a certain amount.

The bottom line is that pretty much every case has some sort of value.  The bigger worry is that when you do get an offer making sure that it’s for a fair amount.  Insurance companies don’t like to give money away.  If your case is worth $40,000 and they can get away with paying you $15,000 they will have a party to celebrate their success.

If you have questions about what you may be entitled to, call or e-mail us any time for a free consultation.  We cover all of Illinois.