One of the first classes I took in law school was on criminal defense.  It wasn’t the area of law for me, but one of the principles taught really resonated with me.  The professor emphasized that everyone has a right to have their case heard.

Lawyers should get this and if there is any employer that shouldn’t resent a legitimate workers’ compensation claim it’s a law firm.

And yet in the last month I’ve talked to multiple law firm employees who were hurt at work and have law firm bosses that seem put off that they are pursuing a claim.  These aren’t bogus claims either.  One was a 25 year employee who types 40+ hours a week and has carpal tunnel.  One was a bad knee injury from tripping on torn carpet.  One was a car accident while traveling to meet a client.

The law firms may be disappointed to have an employee out of work, but they are lawyers and should remember that justice is served by laws being followed.

One of these was getting push back more so from the insurance company than the law firm and that is typical.  No matter how good or bad your employer is, the insurance company is looking out for their bottom line and nothing else.  So even if your boss is supportive, the insurance company doesn’t go along with that.

If you work at a law firm in Illinois and get hurt on the job your case is like any other employees.  Report your injury, get medical treatment and go from there.

While I find it maddening that some plaintiff’s law firms treat their employees like garbage when they get hurt, I more so find it amusing when defense attorneys get hurt on the job and then file claims.  One strong defense attorney who regularly blogs about bogus claims and in general rails against Illinois work comp laws of course had no problem bringing his own case for a leg injury many years ago.

Bottom line is that I should know better by now than to be disappointed in some law firms act.  I see it every day with how so many of these firms treat their clients like garbage.  So I shouldn’t be surprised that the don’t look out for their employees.