Every day across Illinois, hundreds of people get hurt while working.  Most of those injuries are minor and require little to no treatment. Some of those accidents are of course more serious and require significant medical treatment.

Because you don’t have to pay a penny for medical care when you are hurt at work and because you get to choose your own doctor, your employer’s workers comp insurance carrier will have to get involved.

Insurance companies can be ruthless.  They can act nasty and you know they want to screw you.  Or they can act nice in hopes you won’t realize they are out to get you.  For them the goal is to limit what they pay for your injury.

Now imagine you are walking down the hall at work when you trip on a loose piece of carpet.  You fall and as you do so you put out your arm and end up breaking your wrist.  Seems like a pretty straight forward case, right?  It should be, but cases that obvious will still get denied some times.  And if there is any reason for them to possibly deny you like a failed drug test or a pre-existing condition, you can guarantee your case will be denied.

So what do you do in Illinois when your case is denied?

1. Don’t panic. As I said it happens all the time. The denial isn’t the final decision.

2. Stop talking.  Often insurance companies will twist your words against you to help them deny your case.  Your case is already denied.  Don’t make it worse.

3. Call a lawyer.  It’s free and at this point you have no choice.  If your case is denied because of a failed drug test or pre-existing condition you still can win.  If you said something that was misinterpreted, you can still win.  Getting a free consultation will help you figure out if you really have a case or don’t.

4. Get medical treatment.  Nothing is more important than your health and you don’t want your injury to get worse because you didn’t go to the doctor.

There is a system in place where we as lawyers can get our clients benefits when their cases are unfairly or wrongly denied.  Often once you get a lawyer the insurance company rolls over. Other times we have to go to Arbitration.  Either way, the best thing you can do for you is to learn your options and make an educated decision.

If you’d like a free consult to discuss what happened to you, contact us at any time.