Happy Valentine’s Day!  It’s unethical (and gross) for an attorney to be in a romantic relationship with a client.  But that doesn’t mean your lawyer shouldn’t give you love.

By “give you love” I mean your attorney should care about you.  How can they do that?

  • Do they return your phone calls?
  • Are they talking down to you?
  • Will they answer your questions?
  • Do they remember details of your case and how you got hurt?
  • Have you caught them lying to you?
  • Do they keep their promises?
  • If your benefits are denied are they working to get you paid?
  • Have they shown you any empathy?

You aren’t dating your lawyer and you don’t have to become friends with them, but the qualities you’d look for in a friend or companion can often be what makes a great Illinois work comp attorney.  If someone treats you like garbage in a relationship, you probably aren’t having a great Valentine’s Day.  If your attorney treats you terribly and raises a bunch of red flags they aren’t the best choice to give you success in your case.

And just as you don’t have to stay in a terrible relationship in your personal life, if you hired the wrong attorney or discovered that they treat you like garbage or don’t fight for you, you can “break up” with them and get a new attorney if you don’t wait too long.

We try to treat callers, readers and clients like family.  That includes giving blunt, honest advice even if it’s not what you want to hear. I’d tell a relative in a bad relationship that they should get out and I’d tell you that if you have a bad relationship with your attorney or they aren’t in your corner to get out.

In life, you need to look out for you.  Your work comp attorney doesn’t have your back, stand up for yourself and find someone better.