I’ve been a lawyer for over 22 years, and I can’t count on one hand the number of people I’ve met who enjoy having to bring a case. Most people would rather be healthy and working.  I can’t same I blame them one bit.

A lot of those people are really surprised when an insurance company jerks them around.  I had two calls recently within 30 minutes of each other where neither person has ever talked to an attorney nor wanted to.  Caller One had been without pay for six months while the insurance company “investigated” her case. Strangely, they were paying her medical care, but not her time off work. Caller Two had a major hip injury and his doctor thinks he needs a hip replacement surgery.  In that case, they were paying him while he was off work, but had not approved the surgery. It’s been going on a four-month delay.

In both cases, the insurance company said that they were waiting until they can get an IME, as if it should take this long.

Neither caller was ready to hire an attorney.  The second one, a straight out of central casting laborer from downstate told me, “I don’t want money, I just want to be fixed.”

I get it and appreciate his frustrations and attitude. He is getting royally jerked around.  He’s in big time pain and his hip isn’t going to get any better until he gets the surgery.

What I told him is what I tell anyone who’s hesitant to file a case.

1. This isn’t a lawsuit. It’s a claim for benefits like processing a health insurance claim.

2. You are in the right and being taken advantage of.

3. The only way to get the medical treatment you need, is to file a claim.  You can’t go through your health insurance because it’s known it’s a work injury.

4. A lawyer costs nothing up front.  At the end of the case you will be entitled to some money, but it’s not a financial windfall.

More than 37,000 cases were filed in the state of Illinois in 2019.  We don’t get involved in anything that isn’t serious or legitimate.  The people who need lawyers the most are the ones where the insurance company isn’t following the law.  That’s what appears to be happening in these two cases.

Our goal is for every client to get as healthy as possible and back to work. The straight truth is that the best way to do that is to file a case with a good attorney.  That’s true whether you hire us or any other competent firm in Illinois.