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Every day is an opportunity to learn. One thing I’ve certainly tried to do more this year is see things from other people’s perspective and experiences.  While I’m doing this more and more in my personal life, this is something I’ve always tried to do as a lawyer.

When it comes to a lawyer seeing things from the perspective of others, it’s helpful that I’ve had injuries, worked some heavy labor jobs, am friends with nurses and worked in a grocery store and many restaurants.  There is another perspective of others that it’s beneficial for attorneys to have and that is realizing that not everyone knows an attorney, has talked to an attorney or has any idea what to expect when talking with a lawyer.

One of the common questions I get when someone calls is, “Is this call going to cost me anything?” For me or most people who have dealt with an attorney before, they know that the answer is no, the call is free.  But if you’ve never spoken to an attorney before and your perception of them is from TV, movies, friends opinions, etc., you might not know that.  You might be nervous.  Or worried. I’ve had countless people tell me that they were concerned about getting in trouble.  That doesn’t happen, but if you are a lawyer and don’t treat those concerns with respect then you are doing a bad job.

I’m here to tell you a few things:

1. Calling a work comp attorney, even the bad ones, is always free. In fact every lawyer I know in every other area of law will take your call for free.  Some will talk longer than others (I will talk as long as it takes), but you shouldn’t expect to have to pay anything for making an inquiry.

2. In no case can attorney charge you for their services if you don’t agree to it.

3. All calls are confidential. If you call me about your work injury and I go and call your boss, I should lose my license to practice law and would probably be guilty of legal malpractice.  We don’t do that and even the terrible law firms I come across don’t do that.

4. In general, most attorneys are like regular people.  Of the people you know in your life, some are smart, some are dumb, some are friendly, some are rude, some treat you well, others treat you like garbage.  That is my experience in getting to know lawyers too.  You should never be nervous to reach out to one and if they aren’t nice then hang up on them and call someone else.  One of the benefits of being in Illinois is that there are more than 70,000 attorneys in the State. The right one is out there somewhere for you.

I try to write in plain English because that’s how I talk.  I try to be approachable because I believe in karma and I like to treat others how I want to be treated.  If you have any questions or want to talk to a lawyer, please reach out to us any time.