One thing about our law firm that makes me proud is that people who read this blog seem to feel that we are approachable. I want you to know that you can always call us to speak with a lawyer for free.

We are experienced and honest and will bluntly tell you what we think about your situation, if you have a case and what you should do.

A common statement we hear from people that “Everyone is telling me that I should get a lawyer.  Do I even need one?”

I’m probably one of the few attorneys who will tell you when you don’t need a lawyer.  If it’s a minor injury then a lawyer likely won’t add a ton of value for example.  On the other hand, with bigger injuries it’s usually a good idea to at least have a conversation about it.  Here are some of the reasons:

  1. It costs nothing up front to hire an attorney. So waiting until something seems to go wrong doesn’t save you any money.
  2. You might think the insurance company is being nice or that everything is alright because you are getting paid, but you might getting taken advantage of and not know it. Some shady things the insurance company will do that shouldn’t happen are to ask for a medical release of all of your medical history, have a nurse case manager talk to your doctor directly, record conversations with you or ask irrelevant questions about old injuries. They are essentially doing whatever they can to come up with a reason to cut you off even when they seem nice.
  3. If you wait until your benefits are cut off before getting an attorney, you will likely delay justice by a couple of months as the lawyer has to gather records and investigate your case.
  4. Insurance companies sometimes cut off benefits for no good reason at all. Sometimes when you have a lawyer on the case they don’t play games because they know they can’t get away with it, especially if your attorney has a reputation for fighting for their clients.
  5. Getting a lawyer isn’t bringing a lawsuit.  Work comp is a claim for employee benefits and we make sure you get what you are legally entitled to under the law.
  6. In almost every instance, you will get more from a settlement with a lawyer than without even after their 20% fee.
  7. Experienced Illinois work comp attorneys know the right doctors for your injury and who are insurance company hired guns.  You’d never think that choosing a doctor could destroy your case but it happens.
  8. If your injury is serious, at some point the insurance company will send you to an IME which is a doctor of their choosing. Not having a lawyer prep you for that is a huge risk.
  9. There is no requirement that an insurance company make you a settlement offer but if you get a lawyer they will.
  10. Having an attorney in many ways is a security blanket.  You are protected if something goes wrong, you have someone to ask questions or and you don’t get taken advantage of.

I get why people wouldn’t want a lawyer. Most sane people don’t want any situation in their life when they need an attorney.  It would be nice if insurance companies did the right thing at all times and followed the law, but the reality is that doesn’t happen. They are in it to make money and they do that by paying as little as possible to you.

So is it required by law to get an attorney when you are hurt on the job in Illinois?  No. Is it safe and smart?  Absolutely.

If you aren’t sure what to do or just have questions, fill out our contact form or call us at 888-705-1766 to talk with a lawyer for free.