One thing that makes us unique is that we have created a state-wide network of experienced lawyers who do a great job for their clients, fight for them, and deliver great customer service. It’s not a group anyone can pay to join. Its attorneys I’ve gotten to know in 24 years of being a lawyer that I think do a good job. This makes us stand out because as a Chicago law firm, we aren’t trying to handle a case in southern Illinois no matter how good of a case it is. We know your best interest is to get a lawyer down that way and we will connect you with a great attorney that we trust.

If an attorney stops doing a good job they get booted from the network.  I would never recommend a lawyer to you that I wouldn’t suggest to a family member or friend. Sometimes attorneys get jaded or burned out or have life circumstances like a divorce that affects their work.  Injured Illinois workers shouldn’t suffer because an attorney is having personal issues. And sometimes I realize I was just wrong about a lawyer.

This happened about ten years ago. I had gotten to know a southern Illinois work comp attorney through a case we were on together and from seeing him on other cases at the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.  We seemed like-minded and years later when a downstate worker came to me looking for advice I suggested him.

Long story short, I learned that he was not honest and did not treat clients the way I think they should be treated. I hadn’t thought of him for a long time until I got a phone call from a downstate worker with a serious injury. It turns out that she already had a lawyer and it’s this attorney that I know is garbage.  Here is what she told me about him:

He’s being a jerk to me, refusing to give straight answers about my case, and otherwise being non-responsive.

So while I tell people to work it out with their lawyer if they can, here’s a case where I know the attorney sucks and the client knows they suck.  With all of that though, she still wasn’t sure that she shouldn’t give him one more chance.

Once you’ve had one terrible lawyer, it’s easy to assume that all attorneys are that way.  I get that.  But I promise you that for every awful lawyer out there, there are two great ones.  It costs nothing to switch and you won’t owe money to your first lawyer for firing them.

When a lawyer yells at you, acts like a jerk, won’t answer questions, etc., they are being abusive to you.  You shouldn’t stay with someone who is being abusive and no matter how much they try to intimidate you, there is a way out from how they treat you.

So whether it’s finding the right attorney at our firm or from some other source, I highly recommend that you advocate for yourself and find someone who cares as much about your case as you do.

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