Because we are experienced Illinois workers compensation attorneys who will talk to anyone for free, we get a lot of calls from people who are already represented by an attorney. We are happy to provide a confidential second opinion and will consider taking over the case if it makes sense for you and us.

Most people who have concerns actually have no need to switch lawyers. Usually we can explain what is happening and clear things up. A lot of times though we hear horror stories about attorneys who are doing a terrible job. Here are some low-lights of late, some of which border on legal malpractice.  Again, none of this was done by our office or any lawyer we’d recommend.

  1. A caller has been off work with a major injury for almost a year. Her benefits were cut off after she failed to attend an independent medical examination. Why didn’t she show up?  Her lawyer didn’t tell her that it had been scheduled by the insurance company. To make matters worse, the attorney acted like they did nothing wrong.
  2. An attorney told their client that if they didn’t get any improvement with their injury the case would have to be closed. I can’t even imagine what they were trying to say or why they’d say it and had to ask three times if it was really their lawyer, not the insurance adjuster, that said this.
  3. The attorney had a Zoom with the client and was in their boxers on the call.  Apparently they tried to be neck up only, but forgot about how they’d dressed and stood up to get something. It’s really just unprofessional.
  4. A young attorney told a potential client that they only had two years from the accident date to file a case, when the truth is it’s at least three.  It’s a horror story for so many reasons, the two biggest being that this is basic work comp law stuff and that no lawyer should give advice if they aren’t sure of the answer.
  5. The worker had a back injury and contact dermatitis. The lawyer they hired said contact dermatitis can never be work injury. That is simply not true.
  6. The lawyer said he’d only take the case on if the worker would go to the doctor he recommended.
  7. After asking for an in person meeting, the lawyer agreed, but only their staff was there and they wanted to participate by Zoom. It wasn’t fear over Covid, it seems they just didn’t want to come downtown.
  8. After telling the client’s daughter that they had a Spanish speaker on staff, it turns out that they really only have a person down the hall at another law firm who will help when they can.
  9. One lawyer accidentally emailed the client when they meant to email the other attorney and was complaining about the client.  That’s rude, inappropriate and careless.
  10. Multiple attorneys have refused to guide clients who needed help with other areas of law. A refusal to suggest another lawyer that might be able to help is just bad customer service.

Hopefully you aren’t dealing with a horror story, but if you have any problems or want to speak to an attorney for free, please contact us any time.