When it comes to what your Illinois Workers’ Compensation case is worth, a lot of that has to do with how much money you earned per week. That sets your workers’ compensation rate.

Payment for missing work is called TTD or temporary total disability.  You get paid 2/3 of your average weekly wage, tax-free.  So if you make $900 a week, you get $600 a week until your doctor clears you to return to work.

When it comes time to settle your case, your compensation is based on how severe your injury is and your PPD rate which stands for permanent partial disability.  This rate is 60% of your average weekly wage. So if you made $900 a week, your PPD rate would be $540.

These rates get adjusted every year based on the state-wide average weekly wage and we now have the new rates for 2022.  Note that the TTD  rates will change for injuries after July 15, 2022, and apply to the period from last January 15 until July 14 of this year.

For TTD benefits, the new maximum rate is ​$1,734.83 per week.  That means if you make more than $2,602.25 a week or $135,316.74 a year, that will be your weekly payment. If you are a really high-wage earner, being off work could cause you a financial loss if not a financial hardship depending on your lifestyle.

This rate is also used if someone dies or becomes permanently disabled due to an accident on the job.

For PPD, the maximum rate will change after June 30th, but currently, it’s $937.11.  If you make $1,561.85 a week or more, this will be your PPD rate.  If you make less than that, it will be 60% of your wages. So a higher wage earner will typically have a bigger settlement than a low wage earner.

It’s REALLY important to make sure that you are being paid based on the right rates. They never go down. They will only go up.  That means every year cases in Illinois can be worth more than in previous years.

There are also minimum rates that apply.  For TTD, it’s now at $320.00 if you have no dependents.  So if your weekly wage is between $320 and $480, $320 will be your TTD rate. If you make less than $320 a week, you’ll get paid 100% of your average weekly wage. 

These rates can be confusing, especially if you are new to work comp law and injuries. If you have any questions, you can contact us for free at any time.