Amazon is a thriving business that delivers to consumers at an unmatched rate. The downfall to this convenience is a constant occurrence of injuries to their workers. Amazon is found to have an abnormally large influx of work-related injuries. This could be due to anything from poor work environments, employee overexertion to high-pressure working conditions. It’s why we have helped with more cases against Amazon than any other employer.

Employees that work in warehouses commonly suffer from repetitive stress injuries possibly due to the demanding production rates and low employee appreciation. On top of that, any employee that works in a warehouse is commonly faced with being hit by falling objects, equipment malfunctions, or an injury from a simple trip or fall.

Another area of employment that sees a high influx of work-related injuries is Amazon drivers. They have been known to sustain injuries from collisions, physical assaults, and/or dog attacks while carrying out their deliveries. Drivers directly employed by Amazon can recover from these work-related injuries however, Amazon flex drivers cannot.

Flex drivers are considered ‘independent contractors.’ This means that they aren’t employees of Amazon and are considered self-employed. Since they aren’t directly employed by Amazon, they are unable to file a workers’ compensation claim against them. Injured flex drivers must file a claim through a personal injury lawsuit. This is likely the only mode they can recover from.

Workers employed by Amazon that file a workers’ compensation claim may be entitled to several different types of benefits. These include temporary or permanent disability payments, rehabilitation, medical care, vocational training, lost income, etc.

Amazon warehouse workers and drivers have the option to recover from a third-party injury claim as well. This allows recovery of benefits that they should, but did not, receive from their workers’ compensation claim, as well as additional benefits related to the third party. A third-party claim requires that the accident was caused by an individual or party not employed by Amazon. This could include, forklift manufacturers, outside vendors, drunk drivers, etc.

After an employee files a workers’ compensation claim, it is reviewed by a Sedgwick adjuster. Sedgwick is the insurance company that handles Amazon’s workers’ compensation cases while adjusters are the individuals who work for Sedgwick that directly interact with claimants and attorneys. Adjusters are known to be distrustful individuals whose goal is to get all claims dismissed or forgotten about. It is likely that the same adjuster will consistently interact with the same group of attorneys. Certain attorneys are likely to have standing relationships with these adjusters thus knowing their tricks. It is extremely helpful to have an attorney that is experienced with handling Amazon workers’ compensation claims because they know how things work and where they are leading to.

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