Most Chicago workers compensation attorneys are good at their job or at least good enough. Even the ones I don’t personally care for usually seem to do a decent enough job for their clients. They might be a little rough around the edges or not deliver great customer service, but generally speaking, they do all of the right things legally speaking to get a good result.

There are a few Chicago work comp law firms that I would say are legitimately terrible. My opinion is based on the number of calls I get from their unhappy clients on a regular basis. These clients usually have the same complaints about bad service, not getting answers, calls not being returned, lawyer turnover, etc. There are a few that fit this description although one that does a lot of advertising, is in my opinion, the worst of the bunch. Couple others are in the same bad stratosphere.

But there’s a new contender for the worst work comp lawyer in Chicago. It’s a one-man firm that I hadn’t heard of until recently when a bunch of his clients began contacting us. I asked a lawyer we work with on cases what he knew, and here is what he said:

“I get calls from his clients all the time. He must sign them up and then do nothing. I hear the same complaint constantly about him.”

Yikes, that’s a bad sign for sure and exactly what the client that contacted me said. He told me that he got hurt a few months ago, signed up with this attorney and hasn’t heard a thing since. He’s called multiple times, emailed him and never gotten a reply. That’s frighteningly bad.

What’s odd about this attorney is that he’s young, works by himself, and has a background with a big corporate law firm. I have no idea what caused him to switch his practice to injury cases, but it’s very odd that he did that and then apparently isn’t doing any of the work. It’s certainly possible he doesn’t know what he’s doing as it’s highly unlikely he got any training in it at his big corporate law firm. Those types of firms don’t typically handle work comp cases.

So maybe he’s just lazy. Maybe he’s overwhelmed. Maybe these cases are a lot harder than he thought they’d be so he’s taken the odd step of doing nothing. Whatever it is, it’s very bizarre and very unfortunate that his clients are suffering as a result. I certainly question how he’s even getting clients in the first place. Maybe he had an in to get leads somehow and that caused him to switch career paths.

Whatever the reason, I hope he either fixes the problems soon or gets out of the practice. And either way, we appear to have a new worst work comp lawyer in Chicago and that is not a good thing!