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We have a great partner firm in Florida that includes a family member of a well respected Illinois firm. They exclusively handle work injury cases which is a bit rare in Florida. We were discussing cases and the FCCI insurance company came up. FCCI handles a lot of claims here and a ton in Florida. Here is some important information to know about FCCI cases that they shared with me.

FCCI is very aggressive in defending cases to try to either cut off your benefits, reduce your settlement value or deny your case outright. There are three main tactics they use:

  1. They try to take a recorded statement of injured workers. This is not something you have to provide nor should you.
  2. They conduct a lot of surveillance for both fraud purposes and to try to lower how much the case is worth.
  3. They send nurse case managers to doctor’s appointments. That is allowed, but they try to force their way into appointments which isn’t allowed. Often these nurses will try to interfere with your treatment.

People hire Florida work comp attorneys because it’s a tough state for injured workers and they want to make sure that they get everything they are entitled to. This includes:

  • Payment for your time off of work.
  • 100% of your medical bills being paid for with nothing coming out of your pocket.
  • A settlement for the permanent nature of your injuries.

If you have a serious injury, FCCI work comp settlements in Florida can be significant. The firm we work with on cases settled one for over $500,000 and there have been other cases against them in the seven figures. The most common cases involve back and neck injuries, but there have also been a lot of cases regarding shoulder and knee injuries and hand injuries. Most cases seem to settle pretty quickly with the average time to settlement being around 18 months.

FCCI insures all sorts of companies including nurseries, landscape companies, electrician companies and A/C repair companies. It’s incredibly important to get an attorney who has handled cases against them and dealt with their insurance adjusters and also know the Judges who handle these cases. An experienced attorney is not only the difference between winning and losing, but often can be the reason a case is worth tens of thousands of dollars more to you in the end.