We help injured workers in Illinois every day. Shoulder injuries are unfortunately quite common, and we help make sure workers get the right attorney for their case along with the medical care they need and a settlement when they are all better. We have been doing this for over 20 years and would be thrilled to help you.

Causes of Shoulder Injuries

The workers we help get hurt in a variety of ways. Here are some of the most common:

Overexertion/Heavy Lifting – Workers who lift, push or pull heavy items on a consistent basis, are susceptible to shoulder injuries. Sometimes workers don’t use the proper lifting techniques. Sometimes they are simply asked to lift too much.

Traumatic Event or Fall – Shoulder injuries happen after certain one-time events such as a slip and fall or a high-impact accident. We see these injuries often with construction and warehouse jobs where heavy machinery and working from heights are common.

Repetitive Motion – Jobs in which employees are asked to repeat the same motion again and again, day after day, may experience a shoulder problem. Working at a computer all day, working on an assembly line, or painting are common work activities that lead to repetitive motion injuries.

Bad Ergonomics – Not every employee has the right ergonomics at their workstation. If someone’s chair or desk/table isn’t set up properly, it can lead to shoulder discomfort and ultimately an injury.

Specific Types of Shoulder Injuries

Common shoulder injuries that occur at work include fractures, dislocations, torn rotator cuffs, bursitis, frozen shoulder, SLAP tears, and impingement.

Workers Compensation Process

Whether your shoulder injury happened after a one-time traumatic event or over a period of time, you should report your injury to your employer. Seeking medical care is critical – for your recovery of course, and for your workers compensation claim. The sooner you do so the better.

We recommend you keep notes during this process on the following:

• When did you get injured?
• What was the cause of your injury?
• What is your diagnosis? How severe is the injury?
• What are the dates of your doctors visits? Who treated you? What was the treatment or plan of action?
• How has your injury impacted your job duties? How has it impacted your daily life activities?

Also keep copies of all your medical bills, doctors’ reports/opinions, insurance statements, etc.

A workers compensation lawyer can help ensure you are compensated for your medical expenses and lost wages. They can also help secure vocational rehabilitation and any ongoing care if you need it. And of course when you are all better, we can make sure that you get the highest possible settlement.

We have helped tens of thousands of injured workers in Illinois. Please contact us for free any time at 888-705-1766.