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What is my Illinois workers compensation case worth? What should I get for my workmans comp claim. TTD payments Chicago, wage differential, permanent disability law Illinois.

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What We Told A United Mechanic His Case Was Worth

I get a lot of calls and emails asking me what a case might be worth. Here’s one I got recently (some info changed to protect their identity): Hello, I’m trying to estimate a potential settlement amount for my work injury. I have 2 herniated disc L4,L5. that caused lower back pain and effects my … Continue Reading

PPD and TTD Rates For 2023 In Illinois Work Comp

Under Illinois workers’ compensation law, you are entitled to payment for your time off of work. This payment is called temporary total disability or TTD. You are also eligible for a settlement (although they don’t have to give one) if you are hurt on the job and that is called permanent partial disability or PPD. … Continue Reading

What Happens When You Miss An IME

A caller to our office had an accepted work comp claim. He had hurt his back while working in construction in Chicago. The insurance company was paying all of his medical bills and for all of his time off work. When his doctor recommended a back surgery, the insurance company exercised their right to send … Continue Reading

How To Get A Surgery Approved Under Illinois Work Comp Law

Generally speaking, your medical care in an Illinois workers’ compensation case should be guided by your doctor. For most cases like back, leg, hand, shoulder injuries, etc., that doctor would be an orthopedic. Typically they’ll start with physical therapy for you, then maybe try pain injections and if that fails they might suggest surgery. Work … Continue Reading