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What is my Illinois workers compensation case worth? What should I get for my workmans comp claim. TTD payments Chicago, wage differential, permanent disability law Illinois.

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Workers Compensation Against Bed Bath and Beyond

As you may know, huge home supply store, Bed Bath & Beyond, has filed for bankruptcy and will be going out of business. This means that eventually 14,000 employees at 360 stores nation wide will be out of jobs including those at the eight locations in Illinois. I hadn’t been in one of those stores … Continue Reading

When Is My Illinois Work Comp Case Going To Trial?

When you file an Illinois workers’ compensation claim with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, your case gets assigned to an Arbitrator. This Arbitrator is essentially your Judge as there aren’t jury trials in the work comp system. Every 90 days or so, your case will be up on his monthly status call. At this time … Continue Reading

I Want To Close My Work Comp Case

I had a consultation with an injured Chicago worker recently. She was direct and to the point which I loved because that’s how I am. Here’s the first thing she said to me: I want to close my case. I’m sick of this and want it to be over. As you can tell, she was … Continue Reading

Firefighters And Illinois Workers Compensation Laws

We are Illinois workers compensation attorneys who have been helping injured firefighters since 1997. If you would like a free, confidential consultation, please contact us any time at 888-705-1766. The law treats almost every worker in Illinois the same when they are injured while working. By that, I mean that it could be your first … Continue Reading

Calculating Average Weekly Wage

When we say that every Illinois workers compensation case is different, one big reason is because your course of medical care is not the same as anyone else. Neither is the way the accident is caused, your age, your health background or any possible defenses to the case. Another factor that is really big is … Continue Reading

What We Told A United Mechanic His Case Was Worth

I get a lot of calls and emails asking me what a case might be worth. Here’s one I got recently (some info changed to protect their identity): Hello, I’m trying to estimate a potential settlement amount for my work injury. I have 2 herniated disc L4,L5. that caused lower back pain and effects my … Continue Reading