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“Is my injury work related?”

A lot of times the callers to our office don’t even know if they have a case.  Often they notice pain while working or someone has told them to look in to work comp benefits, but they haven’t had a specific accident. In other cases they are told (usually by an insurance adjuster) that they … Continue Reading

You Won’t Get Punished For Being A Good Worker

While I know that insurance companies and not employers are usually the ones making the ridiculous denials of Illinois workers’ compensation cases, I’m still surprised when an employer goes along with it. The most recent example was a case that was rightfully decided in favor of an injured worker.  A custodian at a school was … Continue Reading

IL Work Comp – I Think They Got This One Wrong

About twice a month I receive a publication which highlights recent cases that have gone to trial and been appealed at the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.  It’s a must have for anyone who is serious about keeping up to date on the law at the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. What I’ve noticed over time is … Continue Reading

IL Work Comp – Is Your Case Closed?

I’ve written before that legal strategies from insurance companies seem to come in waves.  The one I’ve heard lately for Illinois workers’ compensation cases is that insurance adjusters are saying that your case is closed even though it’s not really closed. Under Illinois law, a work injury case can be closed in a number of … Continue Reading

When You Get Hurt Doing A “Bo Jackson Move”

Every month I get a publication called the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Law Bulletin.  It compiles a list of recent and important decisions about Illinois work comp law.  Any lawyer who claims to be focusing on Illinois work injury cases should be getting and reading this.  They provide a good insight as to what might happen … Continue Reading

When Sitting All Day Hurts Your Back

It’s interesting to me how similar cases seem to run in waves.  I got two calls within 30 minutes of each other that dealt with people who have back injuries from sitting at their desk all day for work.  Both of them worked in high volume call centers. It’s a bedrock of Illinois workers’ compensation … Continue Reading

IL Work Comp – Turning In Your Chair

Generally speaking, injuries sustained at work that are from activities most people do in their daily life, are not compensable. For example, if you are just walking down the hallway at your place of employment and your knee gives out, that’s probably not a case.  If you bend down to tie your shoes and feel … Continue Reading

Want A Work Comp Trial In Chicago?

The great majority of Illinois workers’ compensation cases are heard in Chicago.  Currently there are 14 different Arbitrators and there are trials almost every single week day of the month. For an unannounced reason, if you want a trial in Chicago in 2016, the lawyer you hire better have their act together because if they … Continue Reading