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Free advice from a Chicago workers compensation attorney on what to do if injured on the job in Illinois. Help all over including Wheaton, Peoria, Decatur, Quad Cities, all of IL for job accidents.

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Illinois Work Comp – Beware The Short Money Offer

I have been an Illinois workers’ compensation attorney since 1997. I started off my career as an insurance defense lawyer (yuck!) which was great training for not only being a lawyer, but learning how to properly represent injured workers. It helps to learn how insurance companies think, strategies they use, etc. One of the first … Continue Reading

Does Your Work Comp Lawyer Ignore You?

The biggest problem people have with their Illinois workers compensation lawyers is bad customer service.  Some lawyers are rude. Others don’t fight hard.  And many are terrible about keeping their clients updated or returning phone calls. I’ve heard lots of stories about an attorney not returning multiple phone calls or failing to get back to … Continue Reading

When Your Work Comp Lawyer Blows You Off

If you hire an attorney to handle a divorce, you are only hiring them to handle the divorce. Similarly, if you hire an Illinois workers’ compensation lawyer, you are only hiring them to handle to the work comp case unless they agree they will also handle something else. A lot of firms, including mine, are … Continue Reading

Multiple Herniated Discs And Sent Back To Work

We are experienced Illinois work injury lawyers who will talk to you for free. Fill out our contact form, click the chat button or call us at 888-705-1766.  All calls are free and confidential and we have attorneys throughout Illinois. Some calls from injured workers really piss me off because of the injustice that they … Continue Reading

Flight Attendants And Work Injuries

With Covid finally under control, the airline industry is booming. The last year has had people on edge and also emboldened some people to behave like assholes.  As a result, passenger problems on airlines are increasing. How much?  From April 8 to May 15, Southwest reported 477 passenger incidents.  That’s a crazy high number.  I … Continue Reading

When Your Attorney Is On Vacation

We are all excited that Illinois is open again and while Covid might not be all the way behind us, it does feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you are in Chicago, you can tell things are getting better. The Loop and public transportation are getting busier. Many restaurants … Continue Reading

Injured O’Hare Truck Worker Gets $3.9 Million

We are experienced Chicago workers’ compensation attorneys who will talk to you for free about your work injury case.  We have a state-wide network of aggressive attorneys who care about their clients. Call us at 312-346-5578 for a free consultation. One of the hallmarks of Illinois work comp law is that you can’t sue your … Continue Reading