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Do you need cosmetic treatment after a work injury?

Workers’ compensation helps injured employees get back to work after a job injury. The laws vary from state to state, but the system in Illinois entitles injured workers to coverage of their medical bills and payment of lost wages. Those with any permanent impairment usually will be compensated for that, as well, once their medical … Continue Reading

Failed Back Syndrome after a work injury

If your work injury led to back surgery and you still have significant pain, then it might be Failed Back Syndrome (also called Failed Back Surgery Syndrome or Failed Fusion Syndrome). It’s a condition that results when surgery fails or doesn’t fix the problem. Illinois workers’ compensation provides benefits for workers who are injured on … Continue Reading

Did your lawyer just pass the Illinois bar exam?

I received a call recently from a guy who had developed CRPS which stands for complex regional pain syndrome and is also known as RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy).  It was in his arm, following a shoulder injury at work.  His pain goes from his shoulder down to his fingers and he has some classic symptoms … Continue Reading

New hearing locations for work injuries in Illinois

Each Illinois work injury case is assigned to a hearing site. This is the place where the parties will go for a hearing if there is a dispute in the case. It’s also where an arbitrator monitors cases. Attorneys appear at these sites fairly regularly for status hearings on their cases. Claims for workers’ compensation … Continue Reading

Happy Holidays!

No long post today.  Just want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season and thank the many of you that regularly contact me for questions or to just let me know that you enjoy reading what I have to say.  It’s greatly appreciated. Cheers, Mike… Continue Reading

An Illinois Workers’ Compensation Riddle?

I like a good riddle.  See if you can figure out this one. Q. Why did the Chicago workers’ compensation attorney not file the case even though the client hired him one month ago????? A. To get to the other side.  No, wait, that ‘s the answer to why did the chicken cross the road.  … Continue Reading

Illinois work comp claims are not a lawsuit

On average, I talk to 50 new people a week about their workers’ compensation claims.  Some need representation, some just have a general question.  I’ll talk to anyone for free and confidentially.  You may not like what I have to say, but you’ll always get the truth from me. In any given week, I’d estimate … Continue Reading

Different rules for Illinois “traveling employees”

The general rule, when it comes to workers’ compensation, is that your injury has to occur in the course of your employment. If it doesn’t, then it’s not considered a work injury for legal purposes and you aren’t eligible for benefits. This is a big deal because the benefits you can get under workers’ compensation … Continue Reading

Independent contractors and work injuries in Illinois

Unfortunately, not all workers are considered employees under Illinois workers’ compensation law. This matters because only employees get benefits, which include payment of medical expenses and lost pay. Independent contractors are not employees under this law and not entitled to coverage if injured on the job. It can be frustrating because many employers treat their … Continue Reading