This isn’t Illinois work comp legal advice, but it’s still important.  This year I’ve had at least four current or former clients call me with almost the same scenario.  They got a random phone call from someone that said that they owe money from a lawsuit and if they don’t pay to settle it that day, they are going to be arrested.

It’s a scam and it’s a biggie.  Gullible and scared people are paying these criminals thousands of dollars every day because the scammers are really good at what they do.  But don’t fall for this trap, no one gets arrested in the USA because they didn’t pay a credit card bill or something like that.

Another version of this scam are crooks posing as DEA agents.  These scumbags have bought mailing lists from Canadian companies that sell drugs illegally in to the US.  They tell you that you are going to be arrested within 24 hours, but then offer you an easy way out by paying a fine via Western Union.  Again, our legal system doesn’t work that way.  And while it may be against the law to buy Viagra or steroids from another country, our Government for all of their faults, doesn’t waste their time going after small time drug users, especially not over the phone.

If you get a call like this, I encourage you to hang up or to tell the caller to f themselves.  And while this isn’t my area of expertise, if you really aren’t sure about what’s going on and need to be talked off the ledge, feel free to call me.

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By Michael Helfand