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Free advice from a Chicago workers compensation attorney on what to do if injured on the job in Illinois. Help all over including Wheaton, Peoria, Decatur, Quad Cities, all of IL for job accidents.

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I Keep Hearing Bad Things About A Well Regarded Chicago Workers Comp Attorney

Like any other industry, a lot has changed with Illinois workers compensation law since I first became an attorney in 1997. Back then the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission was called the Illinois Industrial Commission. Many of the Arbitrators were old timers who had been there forever and couldn’t lose their jobs. This includes one that … Continue Reading

Your Employer Is Not The Boss Of You

I said to a recent caller that, “Your employer is not the boss of you,” and they were a little perplexed. His response was, “Yes he is, the owner of the company is my boss, and he makes the schedule.” This conversation was about his employer telling him to ignore his doctor’s restrictions following a … Continue Reading

No, Your Lawyer Isn’t Tanking The Case

There is a meme I saw that said something like, “Of all the things that never happened, that never happened the most.” This popped in my head when thinking about the calls I get once a month or so from people who have Illinois work comp attorneys and are worried that their lawyer has been … Continue Reading