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The SVB Disaster and Illinois Work Comp

I will be the first to admit that I never heard of Silicon Valley Bank before the end of last week. For those who don’t know, it sounds like this bank held a lot of money from start ups and other companies, but didn’t keep enough of the money in house. When clients tried to … Continue Reading

Advice For Young Illinois Workers Compensation Lawyers

My practice of law is different than just about anyone I know. That’s because I’ve created a state wide network of attorneys who I believe do a great job of handling work injury cases. It’s also different because I put my direct line on this website (it’s 312-346-5578 and you can call any time for … Continue Reading

20 Ways Illinois Workers Compensation Has Changed

I’m coming up on my 25th year of being an Illinois attorney. I had an interesting conversation with another experienced lawyer and we were discussing the ways work comp has changed since we both became attorneys.  I thought it would make an interesting post, so here are 20 ways workers compensation in Illinois has changed … Continue Reading

Governor Rauner Doesn’t Want Cheap Work Comp Insurance

We normally blog about work injuries, but sometimes things happen that can affect injured workers so it’s worth talking about. If you have any questions about a claim call us at (312) 346-5578 or fill out our contact form. We cover all of Illinois. By a big majority, the Illinois House and Senate recently passed … Continue Reading

Chicago Work Comp Lawyer Allegedly Stole From Clients

It’s only allegations at this point so take this all as such. I don’t get how a reputable, successful lawyer can one day just start stealing from or lying to clients, but that is what allegedly happened.  Chicago workers’ compensation lawyer, Joel Bell, was accused by the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) recently … Continue Reading

Legal Advice Everyone Should Know

This isn’t Illinois work comp legal advice, but it’s still important.  This year I’ve had at least four current or former clients call me with almost the same scenario.  They got a random phone call from someone that said that they owe money from a lawsuit and if they don’t pay to settle it that … Continue Reading