helfandI have been an Illinois attorney since 1997, with a focus on workers’ compensation matters.  In 2001, I started my own law firm because I recognized that the way injured workers were hiring attorneys did not make sense. I saw Chicago lawyers handling cases in southern Illinois. I saw attorneys with no experience handling severe back injuries telling clients they were experts.  This, in my opinion, is not in the best interests of the client.  So I developed a statewide network of like-minded attorneys who talk in plain English, only pursue legitimate cases and fight for their clients. I recognize that the facts of the case should determine who the right lawyer is for a case. Our network makes that goal a reality and the 20+ lawyers I have partnered with state wide have achieved unmatched success for their clients.  We don’t promise a result, but we do guarantee to deliver customer service and straight talk while doing whatever we can to get the best result possible for you.

If you contact us, you will speak with a lawyer, not a paralegal.  We will learn about your case and answer any questions that you have.  There is never a cost to talk to us.  All we ask of you in return is that you be honest and direct with us.  We represent good people with good claims because firms that take on any case that walks through the door will end up having their bad cases harm the good ones.

Hiring an attorney is a partnership.  You should have high expecations of us – namely that we will communicate with you, work with you and fight for you.  Our expectation of you is that you will communicate with us about your treatment and any concerns that you have and not hide anything from us.

I worked early in my career in defending large insurance companies, and I know how they think and act. Insurance companies make money every time that they don’t pay a benefit you deserve, whether it’s declining to approve an MRI that you need or being late on your weekly benefit checks. All we do now is represent injured workers, but our defense side experience allows us to counter any tricks and games that are played by the insurance company.

If you would like our help, please Contact Us at any time and we will do whatever we can to assist you.