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When You Are The Reason You Got Hurt At Work

Illinois workers compensation laws are in place to make sure that if an employee is injured on the job, they have financial protection. That means that their employer, who is required to carry workers compensation insurance, will pay for the medical expenses related to the injury. Doctors visits, tests, surgeries, medications, physical therapy and other … Continue Reading

MRSA, Staph and Illinois Workers Compensation

We are experienced Illinois attorneys who have helped thousands of health care workers with their Illinois workers compensation cases. Call us for help anywhere in Illinois at 888-705-1766. Do you work in the healthcare industry in a medical facility such as a hospital, nursing home, or dialysis center? Or do you work as a home … Continue Reading

Bicep Tendon Tears and Illinois Workers Comp Law

We get calls every day from hard-working people who have been injured on the job in Illinois. One injury we help with every week is a biceps tendon tear. It’s a really common injury. Tendons connect muscles to bones. The biceps tendons attach the biceps muscle to bones in the shoulder and elbow. If a … Continue Reading

When The IME Doctor Agrees With Your Doctor

Under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, the insurance company is allowed to send you to a doctor of their own choosing. This is called a Section 12 exam as it’s from Section 12 of the Act. It’s more commonly known as an IME or Independent Medical Examination. If you read this blog or if you’ve … Continue Reading

Illinois Work Comp And Labrum Tears

We hear from people in Illinois looking for workers’ compensation advice related to the painful labrum tears that they suffered on the job. Some have a torn shoulder labrum and others have a torn hip labrum. In the shoulder, the labrum is a thick piece of tissue or cartilage that is attached to the rim … Continue Reading

Illinois Work Comp And New Injuries

When people call us about their Illinois workers’ compensation questions, we hear a lot of great ones. Sometimes people want to know what happens if they have a new injury. This could mean that they re-injure a body part that they already have a case on or if something new arises. It’s a really good … Continue Reading

Back Surgery In 2011, Back Hurting In 2023

One of the biggest misunderstood features of Illinois workers’ compensation law has to do with prior injuries and how they affect you now. Take for example a factory worker who contacted us recently. She had back surgery in 2011 after a car accident. She made a complete recovery and hasn’t seen a doctor for back … Continue Reading

PTSD And Illinois Work Comp Cases

We have all heard the acronym “PTSD” which stands for post-traumatic stress disorder. But what does it really mean? Can you get PTSD on the job? And if so, can you get compensated under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act for that? PTSD is a health condition that describes the physical and emotional aftereffects of a … Continue Reading

Options When You Are Assaulted At Work In Illinois

We have been helping injured workers in Illinois since 1997 and help everywhere in IL via our state-wide network of experienced attorneys. If you would like a free consultation, you can call us any time at 888-705-1766. You will speak with an attorney and get direct, honest advice. I recently had a chat with an … Continue Reading

Illinois Work Comp, Proving You Have An Injury

We are experienced Illinois work comp lawyers who have created a state-wide network of lawyers who do a great job and care about their clients. If you would like a free consultation with an attorney, call us any time at 312-346-5578. My grandma was my favorite person. I got to spend a lot of time … Continue Reading

How To Get A Causal Connection Opinion

One of the basic facts about Illinois work comp law is that you have to prove that your injury is “causally connected” to your job. In plain English, that means your injury is related, at least in part, to your job activities. There are a few different ways to prove this. Sometimes your words alone … Continue Reading

Snapping Hip Syndrome, Illinois Workers Compensation

Snapping hip syndrome (SHS) is a hip disorder also known medically as coxa saltans. A person with snapping hip syndrome may hear a snapping sound or feel a snapping sensation in their hip when they walk, run, get up from a chair or swing their leg around. SHS develops primarily from overuse. The muscle tendons … Continue Reading

Light Duty And Home Health Care Workers In Illinois

There are some calls we get from injured Illinois workers where I can guess the injury before they tell me what happened. One such situation involves home healthcare workers. These nursing specialists do incredible work. They provide convenient care in the patient’s home doing a wide variety of services such as bathing, administering medicine, wound … Continue Reading

Bursitis In Illinois Workers Compensation Cases

Do you have bursitis? Do you think it’s related to your job? We can likely help. We are experienced Illinois work injury lawyers.  If you want to speak with a lawyer for free, you can contact us any time at 888-795-1766. There isn’t any type of injury that we haven’t seen or helped with in … Continue Reading

Proving A Repetitive Trauma Shoulder Injury In Illinois

Do you have a shoulder injury that you think is work related? We are experienced Illinois work comp attorneys who will talk to you for free and in plain English. If you’d like a no commitment, confidential and free consultation, please call us any time at 888-705-1766.  We help with cases everywhere in Illinois. There … Continue Reading