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MRSA, Staph and Illinois Workers Compensation

We are experienced Illinois attorneys who have helped thousands of health care workers with their Illinois workers compensation cases. Call us for help anywhere in Illinois at 888-705-1766. Do you work in the healthcare industry in a medical facility such as a hospital, nursing home, or dialysis center? Or do you work as a home … Continue Reading

Oxycontin, Opioids and Illinois Work Comp

There was a pretty interesting series on Netflix recently called “Painkiller,” which is about the disgusting Sackler family and the rise of Oxycontin and general opioid abuse in this country. It’s beyond shameful how many lives they destroyed because they seem to worship money. We’ve sadly seen a lot of injured Illinois workers suffer from … Continue Reading

Bicep Tendon Tears and Illinois Workers Comp Law

We get calls every day from hard-working people who have been injured on the job in Illinois. One injury we help with every week is a biceps tendon tear. It’s a really common injury. Tendons connect muscles to bones. The biceps tendons attach the biceps muscle to bones in the shoulder and elbow. If a … Continue Reading

When The IME Doctor Agrees With Your Doctor

Under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, the insurance company is allowed to send you to a doctor of their own choosing. This is called a Section 12 exam as it’s from Section 12 of the Act. It’s more commonly known as an IME or Independent Medical Examination. If you read this blog or if you’ve … Continue Reading

Don’t Let Your Lawyer Control Your Medical Care

I have been an Illinois workers comp attorney for 26 years and rarely get shocked, but it happens. When it does it’s usually when an injured worker calls me and tells me something that their attorney, the insurance company or their employer is doing. Boy did I hear a doozy recently. An injured worker with … Continue Reading

Six Illinois Workers Compensation Questions

We are Chicago work comp attorneys who will talk to anyone for free about Illinois workers compensation laws and their cases. You can call us any time at 312-346-5578 for help anywhere in Illinois. Many of the posts we write are based off of great questions we get from people. Here are some good questions … Continue Reading