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Snapping Hip Syndrome, Illinois Workers Compensation

Snapping hip syndrome (SHS) is a hip disorder also known medically as coxa saltans. A person with snapping hip syndrome may hear a snapping sound or feel a snapping sensation in their hip when they walk, run, get up from a chair or swing their leg around. SHS develops primarily from overuse. The muscle tendons … Continue Reading

What We Told A United Mechanic His Case Was Worth

I get a lot of calls and emails asking me what a case might be worth. Here’s one I got recently (some info changed to protect their identity): Hello, I’m trying to estimate a potential settlement amount for my work injury. I have 2 herniated disc L4,L5. that caused lower back pain and effects my … Continue Reading

Light Duty And Home Health Care Workers In Illinois

There are some calls we get from injured Illinois workers where I can guess the injury before they tell me what happened. One such situation involves home healthcare workers. These nursing specialists do incredible work. They provide convenient care in the patient’s home doing a wide variety of services such as bathing, administering medicine, wound … Continue Reading

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Settlement Loans – What To Know

We are experienced Illinois workers’ compensation lawyers. If you have questions about lawsuit loans or anything else, call us at 312-346-5578 for a free consultation. If you have ever watched daytime television, you’ve probably seen an advertisement for “lawsuit loans.” The pitch is that if you have a work injury, car accident or other case … Continue Reading

PPD and TTD Rates For 2023 In Illinois Work Comp

Under Illinois workers’ compensation law, you are entitled to payment for your time off of work. This payment is called temporary total disability or TTD. You are also eligible for a settlement (although they don’t have to give one) if you are hurt on the job and that is called permanent partial disability or PPD. … Continue Reading

Why Are You Waiting So Long For The IME Report?

Although Illinois workers compensation laws are generally worker friendly, the employer and their insurance company do have rights that protect them too. They are allowed to contest a claim for good cause such as a failure by the injured worker to notify them of an accident within a timely basis. Another right that they have … Continue Reading