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What is my Illinois workers compensation case worth? What should I get for my workmans comp claim. TTD payments Chicago, wage differential, permanent disability law Illinois.

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Illinois Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability

If you have been seriously injured at work, it is important to understand the difference between workers compensation and social security disability benefits. Most workers don’t end up applying for social security, but if you do, not knowing the rules could cost you thousands of dollars. Workers compensation is a program to provide benefits to … Continue Reading

How The Insurance Company Decides Not To Pay

There was a great tweet thread the other day about a Colorado work comp case that has a lot of similarities as to how insurance companies deny Illinois workers’ compensation cases in bad faith. The gist of it is that an electrician got hurt work when he slipped on some ice. In falling he tore … Continue Reading

Don’t Let Your Lawyer Control Your Medical Care

I have been an Illinois workers comp attorney for 26 years and rarely get shocked, but it happens. When it does it’s usually when an injured worker calls me and tells me something that their attorney, the insurance company or their employer is doing. Boy did I hear a doozy recently. An injured worker with … Continue Reading

The Importance Of A MRI With Work Comp Cases

When you get injured while working, to win a case you have to be able to prove that your injuries and need for treatment are related to the job accident. In some cases this is straight forward. For example, if you get hit by a forklift at work and break your leg, it’s pretty obvious … Continue Reading

Work Hardening And Illinois Workers Compensation

We are Illinois workers compensation attorneys who help people understand their rights. This includes explaining certain work comp related events such as work hardening. What is work hardening? Work hardening is a form of occupational therapy. It is a highly individualized, job-specific program designed to get an injured worker who cannot work at full capacity … Continue Reading

The Importance Of The First Doctor’s Visit

While every Illinois workers compensation case is different, there are certain factors that we look into when we give you a free consultation that will help us determine if you have a case that we or any other lawyer would want to pursue. One of these factors is how long did it take you to … Continue Reading