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What is my Illinois workers compensation case worth? What should I get for my workmans comp claim. TTD payments Chicago, wage differential, permanent disability law Illinois.

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Illinois Workers Comp, Getting A Referral To A Doctor

I’m not personally on any social media sites, meaning that I never post, but I have a Facebook account so I can access a community happenings page where I live. It’s usually stuff about the local schools, restaurants, police activity, etc.  But the other day there was a post about workers’ compensation law in Illinois … Continue Reading

IL Work Comp – Getting A DRG Stimulator Device Approved

One indisputable fact about medical care is that unless it’s an emergency situation, you will start with more conservative medical care before getting more expensive medical care. The simplest example would be if you hurt your shoulder. Before surgery would get approved, you’d be asked to rehabilitate yourself through physical therapy. If that fails then … Continue Reading

Medical Marijuana And Illinois Workers’ Compensation Law

Since 2013, it’s been legal for doctors in Illinois to prescribe “medical marijuana” to their patients. For whatever reason, it hasn’t been an issue that comes up a ton in workers’ compensation cases. The more common concern is having a case denied because you test positive for marijuana after an accident. The reality though is … Continue Reading

Illinois Work Injuries That Cause A Career Change

Most injured Illinois workers get medical treatment and sooner or later get better.  Those people get a settlement and move on with their lives which usually involves going back to their job. Other workers end up with permanent restrictions.  For example, maybe they have a back injury and are told that they can’t do any … Continue Reading

New Illinois TTD And PPD Maximum Rates For 2022

When it comes to what your Illinois Workers’ Compensation case is worth, a lot of that has to do with how much money you earned per week. That sets your workers’ compensation rate. Payment for missing work is called TTD or temporary total disability.  You get paid 2/3 of your average weekly wage, tax-free.  So … Continue Reading

Shoulder Injury At Work? You Must Know This

By far the number one question we get from injured Illinois workers is, “What is my case worth?”  That makes sense. If you are missing time from work, it can greatly impact your life financially. It’s natural to be curious about how you will be compensated in the end. One unknown thing from just about … Continue Reading

Permanent Disability And Old Illinois Workers

Although it gets celebrated at times by our society, I find it sad when someone is working a job when they are in their golden years. It’s one thing if you love working. It’s completely different if you are in your 70’s or 80’s (or older) and working because you have to. Typically workers of … Continue Reading