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Do I have an Illinois workers compensation case? How to file for workmans comp in Chicago. Tips if injured on the job in Illinois. Speak to an attorney for free.

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Rockford Welder Proves A Shoulder Injury

Illinois workers’ compensation law is great because the benefits protect workers and the law itself usually applies common sense. The Illinois work comp system though can be frustrating because insurance companies will make ridiculous denials of claims because that’s their business model. Take the case of a Rockford area welder who had to go to … Continue Reading

Work Comp When You Die From A Drug Overdose

A very nice guy called me the other day with a sad situation. His cousin had been injured on the job and was receiving workers’ compensation benefits for a back and neck injury. As you might expect, part of his treatment not only included physical therapy, but also pain medication. Prior to the work injury … Continue Reading