An author contacted me looking for someone to share their experiences going through workers’ compensation.  If you are interested in learning more, read on.  Her contact info is below as well.



Hi Michael,

Here is some more info on the story.

It will be a profile on someone who received workers’ comp. Here are some
questions I’ll ask:

1. What happened to the person when they got hurt?
2. How did they claim workers’ comp?
3. What is the process for applying for it?
4. Does the process differ depending on the state you live in?
5. How did the person make sure they were properly compensated?
6. What are some things they wish they had known ahead of time?

Here is the website the story will appear:

Here is a profile I wrote for the site:

Deadline for answers either through email or to set up a phone interview is
next Friday at noon EST. And before would be better!


*Laura Agadoni*
*Writer & Editor*