We love (and hate) pointing out the things we hear other attorneys are saying to clients to make them think that everything is going to work out alright instead of just doing the work needed to win a case.

The most recent one was from a caller to our office who has been off work since January due to a work related injury, but has not received any TTD benefits.

He needed an attorney and hired one that does a lot of advertising.  What convinced him to hire this Chicago firm was the lawyer telling him that he was good friends with the firm that does the defense work for his employer so it would be an easy problem to solve.

Essentially the lawyer’s lie was “My buddy will sell his client out and not do his job so don’t worry about anything.”

Of course he is full of it.  This is not how any defense firm works as if they did business this way they’d lose their clients. In fact the reason for a lot of unreasonable denial of benefits is because defense lawyers are trying to prove they are “tough” in order to win more business.

I look at winning cases the same way I look at losing weight.  If you want to lose pounds there are a lot of gimmicks out there from drugs, to food fads to magic belts. But the reality is that limiting your calorie intake and getting exercise are proven to work.

In the same vein, you can b.s. a client that you know the defense lawyer or that you are the greatest ever or that your firm scares people. It might sound good to a person who wants an easy fix, but it will get you nowhere in the long run.  Getting the medical records of your client, taking the depositions of the doctors and filing a trial motion are what it takes to truly solve a disputed case.

I don’t get how these lawyers tell these lies and don’t worry about them catching up to them. I guess if you have that type of personality those aren’t things you worry about.

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