I know that Cubs/Sox can be as divisive for some people as politics, but I believe in being direct, honest and not a phony, so I’m a proud Cub fan. The many clients I’ve had over the years who are Sox fans still work with me. :)

No matter who you root for, it dawned on me that there are lessons that can be learned from the Cubs’ success that can be applied to winning your Illinois workers’ compensation case.

The biggest reason for their success in my opinion is that they had a plan, they stuck to the plan, they tweaked it when necessary and they executed the plan.  Now their plan was a little more complex than what you and your attorney would go through, but there are similarities.  If you are injured at work, the plan needs to be to report the injury and go to the doctor.  If your benefits get improperly denied or your checks are late then we plan to take your case to trial.  To do that we usually have to take your doctor’s deposition, the IME doctor’s deposition and gather all of your medical records. Not rocket science, but work that needs to be done.

Shockingly, almost every lawyer I come across knows that this is the plan to win a case, but many are not willing to do the hard work it takes to execute the plan.  Just as Cub fans suffered for so long, so do the clients of these lazy lawyers.

Something else I noticed about the Cubs is that they really seemed to support each other. It’s important that your lawyer support you and work toward your best interests.  Sounds simple, but it sadly does not always happen especially if the case gets difficult.  You didn’t see the Cubs yelling at Chapman when he blew the three run lead and you can’t have a lawyer who yells at you when you are frustrated that your benefit checks are late or cut off.  Part of this goes to good communication which the Cubs seemed to have and a good lawyer has with a client.

Finally, the Cubs did not make any excuses when they were down 3-1, they just kept working hard. If you need back surgery and an IME doctor says you are fine and the insurance company alleges they have video surveillance against you, it may seem like everything is against you.  That’s when you and your attorney just need to work harder and head toward trial which is where you will achieve success.  In other cases you need to make sure your attorney doesn’t use their IME as an excuse for getting you a low ball settlement offer.

Just like the Cubs, none of this process guarantees that a W flag will fly in your case at the end.  But your chances of course are much better if you do have a plan, support from your lawyer and never give up.

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