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By a big majority, the Illinois House and Senate recently passed a bill that would have allowed Illinois employers to buy workers’ compensation insurance from a State run group that would be a non-profit. In other words, businesses wouldn’t be gouged by insurance companies who are looking to make a profit even when their costs are going down.  It would all be started with a $10 million loan.

Sounds pretty good, right?  Workers still get their benefits and employers pay less.  A version of this exists in California, Texas, Minnesota and other places and the consumer group Americans For Insurance Reform have said it results in lower overhead and costs.

Despite this being good for businesses, Governor Rauner rejected it with his veto power so if the bipartisan group that passed this legislation can’t override that veto it won’t become a law.

The only sensible reason I can think of for this veto is that he’s looking out for insurance company profits.  Places like Travelers, Zurich, Gallagher Bassett, etc. would have to lower their premiums or lose business.

If you are an employer, do you really care who is insuring you?  Of course not. There’s no advantage to having one company over the other with the exception of price.  Sure service matters, but the free market would sort this all out.  I’m literally stunned that a Governor who has campaigned on work comp insurance costs being too high has vetoed a bill that would quickly lower those costs.  This isn’t a guinea pig project, it’s working in many other states.

Unfortunately this is politics and it’s why I and most everyone I know hates politics.  Rauner won’t rest until he cuts your benefits so his insurance company donors won’t have to pay you much while still collecting the same premium profits.  It’s pathetic.

Enough of this rant.  While this will affect injured workers in the long run, I’ll get back to posting on stuff that affects you on a daily basis.