Amazon is an amazing company. It’s gone from an online seller of books to the main seller of everything.  The demand for their products is incredible and it’s been great for all of the jobs that it has created.

Most of the Amazon jobs involve working in their Warehouse. They have locations in Joliet, Waukegan, Chicago, Naperville and many other places.  The warehouses are huge and the jobs usually involve a lot of walking and lifting.

In the last year we’ve probably spoken with more Amazon employees than we had in the previous five years and that’s due to all of the new jobs.  We’ve noticed a lot of patterns that help us represent injured workers for Amazon, some you’d expect, some you might not think about.

The one you’d expect the most is that there are a lot of lifting injuries.  Many workers are packing and moving boxes all day so we see a lot of back injuries.

The one you might not think about is that we’ve also seen many plantar fasciitis cases.  This happens because a lot of employees  there have to do excessive walking as part of their jobs.  When you are walking 6-8 miles a day or more on concrete floors you can get this injury and seeing it in one case and then another and another allows us to benefit all of the employees with similar problems.

When you are speaking with the same insurance adjuster about all of the cases and can reference three or more clients who have been hurt at the same company in the exact same way, it helps knock down any potential defenses the insurance company might bring up.  If you go to trial in one case and the Arbitrator finds their IME doctor wasn’t credible, they are more likely to roll over against you on the other two and pay benefits.

Bottom line is that having experience with this company and these cases has paid off.  There are lawyers in our network who knows this company well and are getting great results.  That can give you an advantage or even be the difference between winning and losing.

Of course we are also seeing a lot of injuries from repetitive use of the hands to along with standard freak accidents like a slip on a wet floor or getting crushed by a forklift.

So if you work for Amazon (or anyone) and would like to speak with one of our lawyers for free, call us any time at (312) 346-5578.