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United Parcel Service (UPS) is a great company. I get a UPS delivery every week.  My delivery guy is always on time, super friendly and their tracking system is great.

While it’s a good company to work for, the reality is that their employees have a lot of injuries.  We’ve been privileged to help many UPS workers with their Illinois workers’ compensation claims over the years.  Whether you go with us or another firm, it’s important to hire a firm that has experience with their cases and understands how their claims process works.

The most common work injury we see for UPS employees is, as you’d expect, back injuries.  When you have thousands of workers that are lifting heavy boxes throughout the day it makes sense that back injuries will occur even with the greatest of precautions being taken.

The other big injury we see with UPS workers are problems with the shoulder, elbow and/or wrist from repetitive movements.  Most of these happen at the Chicago Area Consolidation Hub in Hodgkins or the huge new facility in Lockport but they can happen at any facility.  I can tell you from experience that UPS tries to fight those claims quite often, but when we can establish the frequency of your activity along with the size/weight of the items you are moving, the chances of success are great.

For UPS delivery drivers there are the risks of back injuries, but also the potential of injuries caused by third parties from car accidents, dog bites, slip and falls and many other acts of negligence.  While you can’t sue your employer for negligence you can of course sue an outside party.  We can help with both of these claims and sadly see too many law firms that will only handle one without making sure your rights are protected in the other claim.

Beyond that we’ve seen plenty of freak accidents with UPS clients such as getting pinned by a trailer or run over with a forklift to getting hurt in a training exercise.

Liberty Mutual is the insurance company that handles UPS claims in Illinois and they are a billion dollar company that hires experienced attorneys.  That’s not a problem if you have an experienced attorney in your corner, but if you don’t they will walk all over you.  Some things to look out for are them trying to talk to your doctor directly, delaying your TTD checks or assigning a nurse case manager to your case who interferes with your medical treatment.

If you are an injured Illinois UPS worker and have any questions, please contact us any time for a free consultation with an experienced attorney.