Over the last few months I’ve gotten many calls where the caller says something like, “I was looking for the number for workers’ compensation.”

It’s usually someone who is early on in the process having been recently injured and to no fault of their own, someone who is not experienced with Illinois work injuries.

There is no “number for workers’ compensation.”  There is an organization called the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission that administers claims.  By that I mean that is where you formally file your case and they will assign an Arbitrator to hear disputes.  They also help set the rules for work injuries.  What they don’t do is get you a doctor, answer questions or do anything about the insurance company acting badly.  You’d be lucky to get someone on the phone and if you do it likely will go nowhere.  That’s not a knock on them, it’s just not their job to help you.  They are supposed to be impartial.

The other place people refer to is the insurance company that is handling the case.  While they will gladly talk to you, it’s a terrible idea to talk to them.  They might try to get you to give a recorded statement which you definitely don’t want to do.  They might tell you things that aren’t true and cause you to make decisions that can hurt your health or your case.  So while you are allowed to call them, don’t be surprised if it goes against you or if they frustrate you by telling you that they are investigating your case.

I don’t tell people to get a lawyer because it’s good for me.  I tell them that because it’s usually good for them.  That’s true whether you hire me, someone in our State wide network or some firm I have nothing to do with.  It costs nothing up front, it will almost always result in more money in your pocket in the end and most importantly it allows you to focus on your health and not have the little games insurance companies play or your lack of knowledge get in the way.

If you’d like to just ask a question for free without any commitment, you are always welcome to call me at any time.  I promise to tell it to you straight.