While we take many of the questions we get and make them blog posts, sometimes there is no need for a long, drawn out blog post.  Here are some good questions we’ve received lately that have short answers.  If you have your own questions or want to discuss a case, call us for free at 312-3465578 or fill out our contact form and we will call you.

I work for Chicago Public Schools. Nobody is disputing I was hurt at work, but it’s taking forever to get my settlement. Is this normal?

Odd fact about CPS cases.  They essentially have one full time lawyer on all of their workers’ comp claims.  So there can be a huge backlog and delays.  It’s not normal, but also is normal at the same time.

The other day I hurt myself at work.  I heard with another co-worker he made him pay the cost of the increase to his work comp insurance. Can my boss make me pay his work comp expenses?

This is illegal and can’t happen.  Sounds like an awful place to work.  Formally file a claim and don’t pay that guy a penny.

I work for the State of Illinois. It’s been three months since my settlement contract was approved by the Arbitrator and I still haven’t been paid. Can I file for penalties?

You might be able to but I’d check the fine print. It’s common for the State to put in their contracts that they have 180 days to pay.  If you agreed to that then you are out of luck for now.

How much does child support take from a work comp settlement?

That’s a better question for a family law attorney.  As I understand it, they can take what they are owed, but my advice would be to get a lawyer who deals with the State and child support to negotiate that for you.

I am a healthcare worker and I got c-Diff.  As I’m the only person on the job that got it my employer said it’s not covered under work comp.  My union said that’s wrong. Who’s correct?

If you get hurt at work and c-Diff is an injury and it’s because of your job duties, it’s covered under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.  The fact you are the only one who got it doesn’t matter, especially if you can show a patient had c-Diff.

I got offered a settlement, but I’m still having pain and see the doctor again in a month. Should I take the settlement?

No.  This is an insurance company strategy to try and screw you over and cut off their payments to doctors. You should never settle before your treatment is done.

My case was settled ten years ago, but I’m starting to have pain again. Can I open it back up?

No.  Once you settle a case the case is over with.

All good questions.  Feel free to ask us anything any time you want.