I’m able to see which searches lead people to our blog and one of the leading ones is, “Who is the top workers’ compensation lawyer in Chicago?”

I chuckle at this because it reminds me of relatives talking about their doctor being “the best” there is.  It feels good to believe you have the top or best person on your side, but the reality is that you could never know that.  It’s not like basketball where everyone could agree that when he was playing, Michael Jordan was the best.  It’s more that there are a lot of great work comp lawyers in Illinois (and a lot of bad ones) and it’s a matter of finding out who is best for you and your case.

So how do you figure that out?

An attorney might brag about all of the settlements they’ve gotten, but if they don’t return your phone calls or make you deal with a paralegal or young lawyer, then they aren’t “the best.”

If your injury took place in Champaign, the case needs to be filed there.  A Chicago attorney, no matter how great they are, is probably not the best for a work comp case down there unless they have at least 20 active cases down there which indicates they are down there all the time.

If you had a spinal fusion and are worried about future medical care, if your attorney isn’t interested in taking cases to trial (so you can get medical benefits for life) then they certainly aren’t the top attorney for you.

When the track record of your lawyer is incredible, but they are now in their 60’s and spend half their winter traveling or in Florida, you can find someone better to look out for you.

Your attorney may know the law better than anyone around, but if they can’t explain it to you or answer your questions and as a result you feel that you don’t know what’s going on, then you can do better.

I could go on, but the honest truth is that there are a lot of good attorneys out there, but some are not the right fit for you even if they are for your co-worker or cousin.  Your unique injury, the type of customer service you want, your location, the language you prefer to speak, your long term goals and many other things impact who the best firm is for you.  It might be us, it might be someone else.

One thing is for sure, if anyone claims that they are the best, it’s a terrible brag and also a lie which should be the first and only red flag you need.  If you want to discuss your case, please contact us for free any time.