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Every few months I like to put a blog post together of answers to questions I’ve received that don’t need a full blog post.  In no order in particular, here are some interesting ones I’ve heard of late.

My case is settled and I’ve already been paid.  Can the insurance company still do surveillance on me?

Can they?  Yes.  Would they? No.  It would be a huge waste of money.  I’ve never heard of this ever happening in my 23 years of being a lawyer.

Can my doctor make me go back to work?

Nobody can make you do anything, but we do see doctors who tell patients to return to work even though they don’t feel ready.  It happens all of the time and if it happens to you, you should consult with a lawyer about what the next steps to take are.

Should you always reject the first settlement offer?

I wouldn’t say always, but I will say that usually insurance adjusters aren’t making their best offer right away.  You have nothing to lose by countering their offer.

What is a form 45 report?

It’s a report that the employer is required to complete any time a worker is injured.  If a worker misses more than three scheduled work days, the company is required by law to file it with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Is Walmart the worst company to work for if you get hurt on the job?

I laughed when I heard that one. In my opinion they don’t treat their employees well, but that is true for lots of companies like Amazon.  We’ve heard more nightmare stories about Amazon lately than anyone so we love to take cases against them.

How often do workers’ comp checks come?

There’s no law about this, but it’s usually every two weeks when you are authorized off work by a doctor and there is no dispute about your health or how you got hurt.

Will work comp pay for a new mattress?

Yes if it is medically prescribed by a physician.

What does a paralegal do on a workers compensation case?

It depends on the firm, but the proper answer is they shouldn’t be doing more than the lawyer.


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