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We get so many good questions from callers.  Not all are worth a full blog post.  Here are some of the best ones from the last few months:

My case went to trial and the Judge (Arbitrator) interrupted my attorney and asked me questions. Is that allowed or normal?

It’s definitely allowed and to me it’s a good sign as it shows that they are paying attention and thinking about what happened to you.  They are the ultimate decider so they can ask whatever they want.  It doesn’t happen in every trial, but it’s not unusual either.  Bottom line is it’s nothing to worry about.

My settlement contracts had to be mailed to the Arbitrator.  How long until he approves them and mails them back to my lawyer?

Usually it’s pretty quick, a week or so.  That said, there is no time limit. If they get sick or go on vacation or just don’t get to it, you can’t force them to do their job. If it doesn’t come back within a month I’d ask my lawyer to bring them in person to the next court hearing.

Should I expect a disability rating when I get the IME?

Honestly, no. It could happen, but almost never does and really isn’t relevant for Illinois work comp cases.

What happens when I’m put back on work status by my doctor?

If there are no restrictions, you return to work. If there are some restrictions, you see if your employer can accommodate you and if so, you return to work. If you return and can’t tolerate it, you immediately go back to your doctor and let them know.

I’ve been off work for four months from a work accident and now they want me to do a FCE. Isn’t that kind of soon?

It’s really soon and makes no sense to me.

Do insurance companies really check in to social media? Am I safe if I keep my accounts private?

Yes they do that all the time. Even if your account is private, that doesn’t prevent a “friend” from sharing something. Never discuss your case on social media, even if you are seeking out help. There are some good support groups out there. If you want to join one, create a fake profile with a fake name and join that way. Even then you can’t give away too many details.


I hope these help. As always, if you have questions or want to discuss a case, contact us at any time.