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A recent caller had a horrific experience while working. Her boss came up and cupped her breasts from behind and started kissing her neck. They had no prior relationship other than that of co-workers and she said this was “out of the blue” and unexpected. She pushed him off, but of course does not feel comfortable working there anymore. She asked HR about seeing a doctor for this and they told her that this wasn’t a work comp case. To their credit, they did fire the scumbag who did this to her.

My first piece of advice was to recommend that she call the police. Second we discussed how she’s feeling. Even though this jerk is gone, she feels anxiety being at work because it happened out of the blue. She saw a community therapist once, but nobody since then as she doesn’t have health insurance.

It becomes kind of a catch 22 because she needs to get medical care to prove an injury, but it’s hard to get that care without the case being approved. Usually if we can get just one visit to provide a diagnosis and an off work slip (if needed which it was in this case) that is enough to prevail.

There was a recent case similar to this one when a juvenile facility guard was sexually assaulted on the job by a co-worker. She was able to win her case for two reasons:

1. The attack occurred during work hours in a place where the guard would be expected to be.

2. The attack was related to her job as it was an interaction with her supervisor.

I find that most sexual assaults while working happen in a similar fashion to these two cases.  That said, every case is different.  Sometimes they happen at or after work functions. Sometimes they happen when traveling for work. Quite often we can tie what happened to your job, but speaking with you allows us to make that determination.

We can’t promise a result, but do guarantee a few things:

1. The call will be confidential. We won’t discuss this with your employer or anyone else without your permission.

2. We will be respectful.

3. We will be honest in our advice and do whatever we can to help you.

4. There will never be a fee to talk to us.

We have been involved in hundreds of these cases over the years and have been able to point most people in the right direction in helping secure benefits through an attorney. If you want to discuss your case, please reach out to us any time.