A caller to my office didn’t want to work with me. I’m up in Chicago and he’s in southern Illinois. That was smart of him as you typically don’t want a Chicago attorney to handle a downstate case. It’s why I’ve created a state wide network of like minded attorneys and have great lawyers that I can recommend for workers injured anywhere in the State.

In this case though, the worker was about as far south as you can get in Pulaski County. It’s almost Kentucky. He wanted to know who was the best work comp attorney in Pulaski County or in a neighboring county.

The honest answer is that it’s nobody. Those counties are very small and Pulaski, for example, has less than ten lawyers total and most of those work for the county. You won’t find any lawyer in a small town or county who is doing nothing but work comp cases all day every day. That’s because there aren’t enough cases to support a law practice. So attorneys in those areas are forced to handle multiple areas of law and aren’t truly, in my opinion, an expert in any of them.

So the reality is that the “best” southern Illinois work comp lawyers are going to be in more populated areas closer to St. Louis or Springfield.  This is where you can find attorneys as good as any other in the state. These are lawyers with a track record of success who do nothing but work comp all day every day. Now of course that’s not all lawyers in those areas. Some dabble in multiple areas of law that have nothing to do with injury cases and should be avoided. But there are plenty of good ones and we can tell you who we think you should work with.

From there, the “best” one for you will depend on your unique case facts. Maybe you need one that speaks a foreign language. Maybe you have had a back fusion and need an attorney that has handled a lot of those cases. Perhaps it’s clear your case will need to be tried so you will need a lawyer who does that all of the time. You might have a unique injury and need a lawyer who is familiar with what you are going through.

What we can do is help you determine which attorney is best for you. In most cases it’s not a rocket science analysis, but every now and then it requires a really detailed discussion. We also know which firms deliver great service and really care about and fight for their clients. These are lawyers who don’t take on bad cases or bad people and have great reputations with insurance companies. Those qualities help their clients get great results.

If you’d like to know who we’d recommend for you, you can speak with a lawyer for free by calling us at 888-705-1766.