There are some things I will never understand. The phenomenon of flight. I know there is science behind it, but it still feels crazy to me that it works. I don’t understand people online who argue with experts who have dedicated their studies to a certain area. I don’t get why dental and eye care isn’t a part of health insurance. Or why we don’t have universal health care. And I don’t understand attorneys who take on clients and then blow them off.

A recent caller was upset because whatever attorney they hired hadn’t called her back for over two weeks. She wasn’t the type of client who called a lot, but called when something was important. In this case her TTD checks were late and while she was able to get the surgery she needed, the insurance company was being difficult when it came to approving her much needed physical therapy.

These are the types of problems that your attorney is supposed to solve. It’s why you hired them in the first place. We, as Illinois work comp attorneys, are supposed to have some expertise that brings real value to your case. I will never, ever understand how an attorney can not wake up in the middle of the night, stressed about the client that needs them that they didn’t call back. And I of course can’t imagine not calling back at all.

Sure, some clients reach out too much. But even with those clients the lawyer needs to follow up with them. If they are calling five times a day, every day, it’s not unreasonable to ask them to email their questions first or text you or write everything down for one call instead of five.

We are in the customer service business. Knowledge of the law doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t use your knowledge to help people. You can’t really help them if you won’t talk to them. They need you and to do what they need that does require hearing what they have to say.

An Illinois work comp attorney is at worst a security blanket and at best a life saver. We are supposed to be there in case anything goes wrong and act when it does. Shockingly, some attorneys are OK with sticking their head in the sand. It’s terrible for their clients and honestly makes the attorney less money in the long run. Makes no sense to me.

This caller was only six months into the case with her lawyer so she was able to switch and get with the downstate attorney we recommended for her. And that’s really all you can do when you get bad service from a lawyer that they won’t correct.