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Your Employer Is Not The Boss Of You

I said to a recent caller that, “Your employer is not the boss of you,” and they were a little perplexed. His response was, “Yes he is, the owner of the company is my boss, and he makes the schedule.” This conversation was about his employer telling him to ignore his doctor’s restrictions following a … Continue Reading

No, Your Lawyer Isn’t Tanking The Case

There is a meme I saw that said something like, “Of all the things that never happened, that never happened the most.” This popped in my head when thinking about the calls I get once a month or so from people who have Illinois work comp attorneys and are worried that their lawyer has been … Continue Reading

The Importance Of The First Doctor’s Visit

While every Illinois workers compensation case is different, there are certain factors that we look into when we give you a free consultation that will help us determine if you have a case that we or any other lawyer would want to pursue. One of these factors is how long did it take you to … Continue Reading