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Six Illinois Workers Compensation Questions

We are Chicago work comp attorneys who will talk to anyone for free about Illinois workers compensation laws and their cases. You can call us any time at 312-346-5578 for help anywhere in Illinois. Many of the posts we write are based off of great questions we get from people. Here are some good questions … Continue Reading

What Does Vocational Rehabilitation Pay For?

We are experienced Illinois workers’ compensation attorneys who will talk to you for free about your case.  Call us any time at 888-705-1766.  We cover all of Illinois. Vocational rehabilitation does not occur in most work comp cases.  It happens when injured workers have permanent restrictions that can not be accommodated by their employer.  A … Continue Reading

Choosing A Voc Counselor

In most Illinois worker’ compensation cases, you get hurt at work, get medical care, eventually get better and return to your old job. In some cases though, you don’t get better or your best is no longer good enough to allow you to do your old job. When you have permanent restrictions and your employer … Continue Reading

Don’t be your own worst enemy

We blog a lot about lazy lawyers who don’t fight for their clients and end up hurting the case or in some instances, destroying it. But it’s not just lawyers you need to look out for.  You need to look out for you. There is a lot an injured worker can do to hurt their … Continue Reading