Callers to our office often want to know our opinion on certain law firms.  We’ll tell it to you straight.  Often that means that we think you have made a good choice.  Other times that means we’ll give you the feedback we’ve gotten on them or what we’ve personally seen about them.

I had a different spin on this question when I was asked about a lawyer from a defense attorney I know.  He told me that he had three cases with the guy and the attorney had been fired by clients on all three cases. There were others copied on the e-mail and the responses went flying.  Here’s a sample:

“As a defense attorney I love him.  He always settles for nothing.”

“He never returns my calls.”

“Never showed for the trial.”

“Client was totally unprepared.”

Clearly this attorney (who I had never heard of by the way) doesn’t cut it.  When a defense attorney is excited that they are on a case, you know that’s a bad sign.


In fact, that would be a great question to ask any prospective work comp lawyer you are thinking about hiring:  “What would defense attorneys say about you?”

Hopefully they’d say that they are prepared, advocate for their clients, are ethical, will take a case to trial if it needs to, doesn’t take on b.s. cases, etc.  Of course you don’t know if that’s true or not, but I’m always interested to see if someone looks like they are lying or not.


In the case of the lawyer everyone was asking about, if he was truthful he’d say that most of his time doesn’t involve handling work injuries.  He probably wouldn’t say that he’s lazy and doesn’t care.  But I’d be really interested to see if he could answer the question at all.

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By Michael Helfand