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“So fire me.” Wait, what???

There isn’t much worse in the legal field than an older, disgruntled attorney who hates his life and job and is only still working as an attorney because he (usually) or she doesn’t know how to do anything else or at least can’t make much money doing anything else. So these lawyers take on clients … Continue Reading

RIP to Bob McCarthy

I just received word that an incredilbe lawyer, Robert McCarthy, just passed away. I first met Bob 14 years ago when I began to form my state wide network of lawyers.  He was a Commissioner at the Illinois Industrial Commission (now known as the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission) and was also a State Senator.  He … Continue Reading

We won’t call your employer

Some injured employees we talk to are interested in hiring a lawyer to help them get benefits but are hesitant because they don’t want a lawyer calling their employer. This is an easy concern to address because the answer is simple – we don’t contact your employer.   One of the first things we do … Continue Reading

The importance of good medical records

One of the best ways to ensure a good outcome in your Illinois workers’ compensation case is to work with your doctor and communicate with him or her about everything. Your doctor’s opinion on how you were injured, the severity of your injury, what your treatment should be, and (when the time comes) whether you … Continue Reading

Repetitive trauma and getting covered under Illinois workers’ compensation

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a well known repetitive trauma injury, is generally covered under Illinois workers’ compensation law. This means that if your job causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), then you can file a claim for benefits with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. The same is true of other repetitive trauma injuries, including De Quervain’s, rotator … Continue Reading

Five things you should do after a work injury

Many people feel overwhelmed after a work injury, especially if it affects their ability to do their job. One thing you should be thinking about is workers’ compensation, which applies exclusively to injured employees. Here are some concrete steps you should take to gain some control over the situation.   Tell your boss or supervisor. … Continue Reading

Let your lawyer be the jerk, you should be nice

One conversation that sticks out in my brain from my early days as an attorney was with an insurance adjuster.  I started off my career working for a prominent Chicago workers’ compensation defense firm which is great training for learning how to properly handle a case as well as to learn how insurance companies really … Continue Reading