If you want to talk with us about your case, we will talk to you.  Everything we talk about is between the two of us.  We aren’t going to call your employer.  We aren’t going to tell your attorney (if you have one already) that you are shopping around.
A lot of people that have already had a bad experience with an Illinois work comp attorney or don’t have a high opinion of lawyers in general are hesitant to share information.  I get this.  It’s perception versus reality.
But what I can tell you is that our talk is confidential.  If you want us to help you, even if it’s just giving you advice, you need to be open and honest with us.  Again, it’s all confidential, but if you want us to really help you, to really look out for your best interests then you need to be a straight shooter.
Recently someone called me looking for a Bloomington workers’ compensation attorney referral.  I work with some very good firms down there that get great results for their clients.  This caller insisted that he hadn’t ever had a lawyer before.  I found that unusual because it was a major injury and it happened more than two years ago.
So he asked me to have a lawyer call him and I did, relaying the information he shared including that he never had a lawyer before.  So this very experienced attorney called him and they had a great talk for one hour.  The worker wanted to hire him, but then revealed that he had already hired someone two years ago.
So he lied to me and this attorney he wants to hire.  That’s a deal breaker and now he can’t get the new representation he wants.  By the way, the first firm he hired is TERRIBLE.
He would have been way better off saying that he has someone, but doesn’t want to say who it is.  If he was open about the other aspects of his case then it would have been on the road to a good result.
Other people give fake names or phone numbers.  Again, I get it, but it’s only hurting you.
Hiring a firm is a two way street.  You have to want to hire us and we have to want to take you on as a client.  Crappy firms will sign up anyone.  Good firms will only take on good clients with good cases.  Those are the lawyers you want in your corner whether it’s someone in our network or someone you find elsewhere.  But you will be hurting yourself if you aren’t truthful.
I can’t promise we will take on your case, just as I can’t guarantee a result.  Only snake-oil salesmen do that.  But I do promise confidentiality, respect, blunt honesty and that if we do take you on we will go after your benefits as if you were a family member.  Hopefully that is enough to put your mind at ease and be direct with us.

By Michael Helfand