The idea of having your lawyer call your boss is uncomfortable to many people, and we hear this fear a lot from our clients. Most people like their job and don’t want to cause any drama. We get that. Even if you hate your job, you don’t want to make things worse by making your employer angry. We get that, too. In the majority of cases, we never talk to your employer.

The law requires your attorney to send a copy of your claim to your employer (a routine document called an Application for Adjustment to Claim), but that’s it. Your privacy is important. Your lawyer should respect that. In most of the cases we handle, the employer has workers’ compensation insurance that handles the cases of injured employees. We almost always work directly with the insurance company and their lawyers on getting your benefits and dealing with any disputes that arise.

If you are injured in the course of your employment, Illinois law says that you get 100% coverage of any medical bills that are reasonable and related to your injury. In addition, you get disability payments that cover a 2/3 of your lost income if you can’t work. Other benefits might be available, as well, such as a settlement at the end of your case. The point is that these are important benefits if you are unable to continue to work.

Don’t avoid a claim because you are worried about getting a lawyer involved. And don’t avoid hiring a lawyer based on fear of them talking to your boss. Having a lawyer can make your case go faster and prevent you from getting taken advantage of by the insurance company. If you’re still worried, then talk to the attorney about your concerns. They should understand your hesitation and share your goal of making your claim as smooth as possible and not creating a situation that would jeopardize your future with your employer.