If you are feeling hesitant about hiring a lawyer, you aren’t the first. We talk to people all the time who are unsure of whether they really need legal help. The thing is, hiring a lawyer isn’t that big of a deal, and it can make a world of difference if you’ve been injured at work.

The immediate benefit you’ll get is answers to your questions from someone who knows what they’re doing and who has helped hundreds of injured workers before (make sure this is true of anyone you hire). All of the lawyers we work with share our philosophy of giving clients honest and straightforward answers.

Next, your lawyer will make sure your case is on track. There are deadlines to be aware of, and it’s your lawyer’s job to make sure those deadlines are met. Have you notified your employer? Filed a formal claim requesting benefits? Are you nearing the statute of limitations, after which you are no longer allowed to make a claim at all?

Your lawyer, if they have the experience we’re talking about, will know how the insurance company operates. They’ll know their common delay tactics, how they might attempt to deny your claim and what to expect from them when it’s time for settlement or even trial.

And speaking of trial, your attorney shouldn’t be afraid to go there if necessary. Many, many cases settle, with the injured worker taking a lump sum in exchange for ending their claim. But if the other side isn’t giving you what you’re entitled to, a good lawyer will have the experience and desire to take your case to trial (with your approval, of course).

And finally, a good lawyer will communicate with you throughout all of these steps. Their fee is set by law and is lower than the fees for most other types of injury cases. And you shouldn’t have to pay a fee on your regular benefits payments, only when your lawyer has to work to get you past benefits or a settlement, or a win at trial.

It’s fairly likely that your lawyer will have handled cases similar to yours, which puts you ahead of the game. Honestly, we can’t think of any good reason to not hire an attorney, unless your injury is minor. In our experience, workers who hire attorneys end up with larger settlements than those who go it alone.