Communicating with the insurance company is arguably one of the worst parts of a workers’ compensation case. Your job caused your injury, and Illinois law specifically says that you get benefits to help you get healthy and back to work, but the insurance company seems to be working against you. Why is it so hard?

Employers pay the insurance company to cover their employees if they are injured on the job. This coverage includes a few different benefits, such as wage loss payments and coverage of medical bills. You can also get a settlement at the end of your claim if your injury is serious and/or permanent. The problem is that the insurance company makes money by refusing to pay you these things. Their interests are exactly the opposite of yours.

The trouble often starts with getting them to call you back or to answer your questions. Then you call back a few weeks later and someone new is assigned to your case. This happens over and over again because of the high turnover at these companies. Then, they make promises and pretend they care, just to turn around and deny medical treatment that you need in order to recover.

It sounds like it should be illegal, and some of it can be, but a lot of this continues to happen. Many injured workers don’t know that they’re been messed with. It’s probably the first time they’ve ever dealt with workers’ compensation insurance, so how would they know? The insurance company counts on this to make money. They also count on the fact that you will get frustrated and give up, that you won’t hire a lawyer and that you’ll never really know all of what you’re entitled to. All of this is to say that the insurance company isn’t there to help you. They’re not on your side.

One of the best things you can do for your case, in our opinion, is to hire an experienced lawyer and focus instead on your health. Dealing with the insurance company causes a lot of unnecessary stress and takes a lot of energy. When you formally file a case with a lawyer, we can file trial motions that will correct their bad behavior. If you aren’t getting your benefits, or your medical treatment isn’t approved, we can deal with them. We know their tricks and how they handle claims.

If you’re getting no answer from the insurance company, or you feel like they’re stringing you along, you’re not alone. Talk to an experienced attorney who handles these cases all the time. Having an attorney also makes a difference when it comes to negotiating a settlement of your claim. In our experience, it makes you much more likely to get a fair amount. If you go it alone, you’re giving the insurance company too much power. 

We’re happy to be the ones you talk to, but I’m not writing this post to get business.  I’m writing it because it’s the truth.  So if we or an attorney in our state wide network isn’t right for you, find someone experienced who is.