If you’ve been injured at work, you might be hesitant to call an Illinois work comp lawyer. I get that. But there are some good reasons to give an experienced lawyer a call.  Here are five of them.

  1. It’s free. You should be able to talk to an experienced, knowledgeable and well-respected workers’ compensation attorney for no charge. Attorneys are allowed to charge for an initial consultation, and some do, but in our opinion you shouldn’t have to pay to find out whether you even need an attorney in the first place. An initial consultation is usually the first time an injured worker is getting comprehensive legal advice since they were hurt, and we simply don’t think a fee should stand in your way of taking that step.

  2. It’s confidential. No one has to know that you sought legal advice. Most importantly, your employer doesn’t have to know. It’s your own business and you have the right to seek legal advice in confidence. This is especially important for those who don’t know whether they have a claim or if they are eligible for benefits. You might not want to ask your employer about it, and getting workers’ compensation advice from your employer is a bad idea anyway.

  3. You can learn more in 5 minutes than you can from hours of Internet research. It’s not that there isn’t any information out there. It’s the fact that there is way too much information out there. Some is misleading. Some is flat out wrong. And most of it is likely irrelevant to your particular situation. A good lawyer can boil it all down to how the law works in your circumstances. And a lawyer who has handled hundreds of claims in the past has probably handled a situation similar to yours.

  4. You don’t actually have to hire them. An initial consultation with a lawyer is not the same as hiring that lawyer. You can ask all the questions you want and get all the answers and then decide that you don’t want to hire them or that you aren’t going to file a claim. Maybe the attorney will tell you that you simply don’t have a valid claim. The bottom line is that there’s no obligation.

  5. There are deadlines you don’t want to miss. One of the main reasons you shouldn’t hesitate to call an attorney and get that initial consultation is that there are strict deadlines for filing a claim and getting benefits. The sooner you take this first step, the sooner you can get started if you decide to pursue a claim. And one of your lawyer’s main responsibilities is making sure you don’t miss any deadlines.

We honestly can’t think of a reason not to call an attorney. We aren’t saying that everyone needs a workers’ compensation attorney. In fact, we are always upfront and honest when we talk to someone who either doesn’t have a workers’ compensation situation or doesn’t need an attorney to handle what needs to be done. The point is to take action sooner rather than later.


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