I just received word that an incredilbe lawyer, Robert McCarthy, just passed away.

I first met Bob 14 years ago when I began to form my state wide network of lawyers.  He was a Commissioner at the Illinois Industrial Commission (now known as the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission) and was also a State Senator.  He later was a private practice lawyer, representing thousands of injured workers throughout central and southern Illinois.

In all three jobs, Bob was a tireless champion for injured workers.  Many of the great laws we have today are as a direct result of his hard work and refusal to roll over when it came to cutting benefits.

For me, Bob became a friend and while maybe not a mentor, as he was to many attorneys, certainly a role model for how to properly treat people and fight for clients.

I still refer cases to his firm today and they all carry themselves in a similar to Bob which is why they do a great job.

So while I have no legal advice for you today, but I would like to salute my friend.  I’m happy to say that he lived a long, healthy and happy life and made a great mark on this world while he was here.